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Pokémon TCG Japan: Paradigm Trigger Preview: Archen Line
Today, we continue our Paradigm Trigger previews by checking out the Archen line. Paradigm Trigger cards Credit: Pokémon TCG Artist Misa Tsutsui contributes a gorgeous Archen card bursting with color Archen dances in a valley of bright grass and vibrant flowers that match its feather colors Then, we get a solid Masakazu Fukuda-drawn Archeops card as a holographic rare in Paradigm[...]
Here’s What Shiny Tirtouga & Archen Will Look Like in Pokémon GO
We're getting Shiny Archen and Shiny Tirtouga These species are so rare as it is that I know some hardcore Trainers who have yet to obtain one, so this will at least help many players get their first Archen and Tirtouga if not a Shiny Let's take a look at the Shiny comparisons, though, and[...]