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Swipe File: I See Dead People (What If AVX Spoilers)
Tch, what's all this killing about? A couple of coincidentally posed images from Injustice, Gods Among Us and What If AVX alternate realities that got everyone talking… They do seem rather similarly framed though… Tch, what's all this killing about? A couple of coincidentally posed images from Injustice, Gods Among Us and What If AVX[...]
Avengers Vs X-Men Companion Gets A Special Box
But the interesting thing is it came in this kind of weird custom cardboard AvX box and says "Limited Edition Print + Digital Combo" on the top. This isn't like an Absolute slipcase… it's just a really, really fancy cardboard box. The book wasn't solicited this way and the listings still don't mention it, or the poster[...]
How Marvel And DC Get Retailers To Order More Comics
If you hadn't guessed that from the title of Vibe's book. So DC Comics are offering an incentive to retailers to stock up on titles, an extra 15% on top of the discount they already get  if they match 75% of orders for Justice League Of America #1 with their orders for Green Arrow #17, Katana[...]
Phantom Lady Gets Phantom Reorders…
AVX Consequences is getting a last minute bump for its final issue and Jeremiah also makes a hardcover entrance. And for comics that have already shipped, as well as the usual Batman and Walking Dead, we have Justice League, Man Thing, Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, Sandman and A Tale Of Sand gaining strong positions with Uncanny[...]
Did Cyclops Have A Peek At The Floor Of NYCC?
From today's AVX: Consequences, with Cyclops getting used to being a terrorist in a normal prison And having serious balancing issues with that mutant power degrading helmet Say, does the power inhibitor-by-pain collar also work on his mutant power of calculating angles? No one seems to remember that one. But it does seem as if Cyclops[...]
Three Avengers Vs X-Men Comics Today. You'll Never Guess Which Is The Best.
Avengers Vs X-Men #12, Uncanny X-Men #19 and AVX: Versus #6. Under the natural order of things, you'd expect Uncanny X-Men to be the best, Avengers Vs X-Men to be second best and Versus to the be the worst But it doesn't quite work like that. Starting with Avengers Versus X-Men #12, we basically get the point[...]
A Comic Show – Avengers Vs X-Men Ends
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqlozo6oFRw[/youtube] Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Florida writes; Hey Fandom! This is another one of those weeks that reminds me just how much a freaking love comics! We have the end of AvX and a super frosted-side fun of VS #6 I am so ready for Remender! Next week is Uncanny Avengers #1! DC has the horrifying[...]
What If The X-Men Were Right?
At the end of Alan Moore's run on the book, the world has been remade into a paradise, but it's one that Mike Moran's wife won't participate in, she won't become a god-like deity like him and he just can't understand why. It's a far more meaningful approach that finding a new way to take down[...]
Marvel Launches Avengers Arena In The Manner Of Battle Royale
And it looks like it may be a little bloody, as Arcade takes a bunch of kids to Murderworld… As does the finally revealed cover to AVX: Consequences… which as also rather a spoiler, albeit it an expected one, the Avengers Vs X-Men #12 Someone break open the lobotomy knife!   I really hope it's better than[...]