How To Put AVX And All-New X-Men Back In The Box – Uncanny X-Men SPOILERS

Uncanny X-Men #30 (2015) - Page 4

As we saw in Uncanny X-Men #29, time travelling Eva Bell took a trip back in time to find the young Professor X, long before his death in Avengers Vs. X-Men, to persuade him to change his mind about how he was dealing with super-mutant Matthew Malloy.

Because the time travel in All-New X-Men worked out so well.

Uncanny X-Men #30 (2015) - Page 10

In her absence, things got even worse. As we also saw last issue, Scott Summers and Magik were killed by SHIELD, though Malloy survived. And we found a limit on his power…. he can kill…

Uncanny X-Men #30 (2015) - Page 16But not bring back to life. So with big name X-Men dead, there has to be some big reset button coming. But what else could it reset? Because rather than deciding to change how he was dealing with Malloy, Professor X took a trip instead, against all the principles he had previously stated.

Uncanny X-Men #30 (2015) - Page 18

So just as the young X-Men from the past are now living in the present, so is Professor X. Which may be stretching the timestream even more than expected. Could we find some kind of resolution that will return Professor X to his home time, along with the All-New X-Men and see Scott Summers, Majik and Emma Frost brought back from the dead as timelines are rewritten? Maybe bring back Professor X, Deadpool and Wolverine too? However, Marvel's never a big one for timeline re-writing…

There have been theories that the Secret Wars will see the Fox film property-related titles such as X-Men and Fantastic Four, spun off into their own shared "Ultimate" reality.  Could Brian Bendis be setting the stage for such an event and giving us some end times stories?

Mindless speculation as usual… but always fun to engage in.

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