Wednesday Trending Topics: Characters Die, But The Spoiler Will Live On In Your Memory Forever

The death of a major Marvel character today, maybe you've heard.  And if you have heard, and whether you think it's good, bad, or neutral, Dr. Manolis V serves up a nice little reminder that good characters tend to find ways to not be dead [spoiler].

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

The Many Deaths Of… (SPOILERS)

Nevertheless we are still vaguely trying to hold on to our non-spoilerness, wherever possible, even in the face of much pressure.

Who Is That Child Captain America Is Holding, And How Important Are They To The Marvel Universe? | Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

I understand the child will be the equivalent of the mysterious shadowy figure seen on the cover to last year's Battle Scars, who was later revealed to be Marvel's new Nick Fury.

The Biggest Avengers Vs X-Men Spoiler We Can Find

Today, the New York Daily News ran a massive spoiler on Avengers Vs X-Men #11. Bleeding Cool has advised people who don't want to get spoiled to stay off the internet, not read the papers, the usual.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Avengers Blu Ray On The Shelves Of Forbidden Planet New York Today 

Those in the know, however, have been popping down to Manhattan's Forbidden Planet today and getting all their Avengers Blu Ray goodness straight off the shelf.

NSFW Star Trek 2 Trailer From Those Scary Taiwanese News Animators

Now, these videos are not so novel, and Next Media have started playing up to their reputation for silliness and controversy rather too much. They can still sometimes surprise, however.

There Is No Extended Cut Of Dark Knight Rises 

That's right – Nolan's film fits just snugly onto an IMAX platter and that's the way he wants it. I suppose it's either a coincidence that his "finished cut" squeezes just inside these limitations or this is an example of restrictions guiding creativity.

Most-Discussed In The Forum Today:

New York Daily News Spoils Avengers Vs X-Men 11 Death In The Headline – Bendis States The Character "Would Matter More In Death"

At midnight ET, the New York Daily News, in a publicity agreement with Marvel Comics, ran the identity of the individual who will meet their death in Avengers Vs X-Men #11, and the circumstances in which it occurred. A picture of the aftermath. And the AR code to that New York Daily News readers could get the full backstory, although that isn't timed to trigger yet.

Who Is That Child Captain America Is Holding, And How Important Are They To The Marvel Universe?

But many will ignore that child he's clutching the hand of. Which would be a mistake.

Red Hulk Stars In Thunderbolts #1 From Marvel NOW, Daniel Way And Steve Dillon

What not everyone guessed was that it would have theGeneralThunderbolt Ross, the Red Hulk in the lead.


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