Wednesday Trending Topics: AvX To Marvel Now

Wednesday Trending Topics: AvX To Marvel NowA day of transition for Marvel news… Avengers vs X-Men ends, and the details of Marvel Now continue to unfold: There's plenty to dig around in Marvel's December solicitations. We know there's a Frank Cho relaunch of Wolverine in January as part of Marvel NOW! Which is why Wolverine #317 in December is being billed as the final issue. But also Captain America And…

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Preview: Avengers Vs X-Men #12 

Here we go folks. The end of things… until the next thing.

Cyclops Vs Cyclops While Marvel Cancels Wolverine, Captain America And (Insert Here) But Brings Back Monsters Inc 

There's plenty to dig around in Marvel's December solicitations.

So How Does (SPOILER) Get To Be (SPOILER) Anyway?

I'm not sure if it's worth not spoiling anymore since Marvel have sent out press releases to everyone. And everyone has run them.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

The Avengers DVD Screw-Up – Disney, Marvel And The BBFC Apologise And Explain 

I've been keen for Disney to make a statement and put their side of the somewhat messy Avengers DVD and Blu-ray re-edit situation forward. There had to be some reason for this bizarre alteration to have taken place, but from where we were standing, it simply wasn't obvious.

Patrick Stewart Gives Another X-Men Movie The Nod

The Comic Book Club podcast found itself with a bit of a scoop this week. One of its regulars, who works in an Apple store, found themselves serving Patrick Stewart this week. He'd lost the plug for his iPhone, as you do. Or at least as I do.

Yes Folks, Thanos IS In Guardians Of The Galaxy And Avengers 2 

Cosmic Book News reports that one of their readers chatted to Thanos creator Jim Starlin at the Montreal Comic Con, stating;

Most-Discussed In The Forum Today:

Marvel NOW! Confirms Jeph Loeb And Ed McGuinness On Nova

Looks like Marvel aren't letting DC have all the Buzzfeed fun. Here, for Marvel Point One, is confirmation of the Bleeding Cool report that tagged Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness working on Nova,,,

DC Comics Cancels GI Combat With Issue Seven

DC Comics has cancelled the first of their Second Wave titles. GI Combat was initially Men Of War, renamed, recreated and rebranded to tell more war stories from the DC Universe. But its seventh issue will be its last. Basically the same comic has been cancelled twice.

Retconning Robin Out Of Teen Titans #1

In the light of San Diego Comic Con announcements by Scott Lobdell that Tim Drake was never Batman's Robin, it was pointed out (by people like us) that in comics actually written by Scott Lobdell, he still appeared to have been Robin. At least that's how it was in Teen Titans #1.


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