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Why Axcend Could Be One Of The Most Talked About Comics This Year
Axcend is a new superhero series by Shane Davis and Michelle Deleck publiched by Image Comics, selling itself as a teen drama, living with the death of a loved one, gaming, school, poor parental relationships in a world with a slightly higher tech level An entertaining comic, certainly, but not one that has set the world[...]
Shane Davis Brings Axcend To Image Comics – Talking Shop
Superman: Earth One artist Shane Davis is launching a creator-owned series called Axcend through Image I got a chance to talk with the artist about doing creator-owned work as well as taking on the writing chores for the new series and working with his wife, artist Michelle Delecki. DAN WICKLINE: Let's start off with the obvious question:[...]
Shane Davis's Axcend Shakes Its Booty…
Shane Davis has been sending out some neat promotional gubbins ahead of the release of his new Image comic book, Axcend, which is already playing havoc with my spellchecker It doesn't like "gubbins" either to be fair Or, indeed "spellchecker" Maybe I should turn it off again Ignorance is bliss. Anyway, here is what just turned up[...]