Why Axcend Could Be One Of The Most Talked About Comics This Year

Axcend is a new superhero series by Shane Davis and Michelle Deleck publiched by Image Comics, selling itself as a teen drama, living with the death of a loved one, gaming, school, poor parental relationships in a world with a slightly higher tech level. An entertaining comic, certainly, but not one that has set the world on fire.



But on its last two pages of the first issue, out last month, it did something very different.


It saw his killed off and reborn as a superheroic character. Powers through death.

Issue 2 out this week continues this in its sex, drugs and rock and roll phase, as more people are activated as real life computer game avatars after playing the Axcend game and dying.

Can you see where this is going? Because this is the cover to issue 3, out in December, described nothing more than "Everything is RUIN".


Axcend is a comic book about teenagers seeking real life power buy killing themselves. The promise of a teen suicide cult. And that's what this comic is really about, and likely going to hit some headlines soon as a result…

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