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Does Batman #99 Set Up Harley Quinn Killing The Joker? (Spoilers)
A few spoilers for Batman #99 but nothing too substantial The Joker War sets itself up as the ultimate Batman Vs Joker battle, the one where the Joker knows who Batman is, and who all his family are, and targets them individually to get at Bruce Wayne But what if it isn't the Batman's battle[...]
Is Warner Bros Okay With Batman Comic Painting Cinemas as Death Traps?
So, there I am reading Batman #99 (and looks like one of those DC 2021 Spoilers has already come to fruition)  and something occurs, that has been playing out in The Joker War crossover, just as Warner Bros announced that Wonder Woman will be delayed, again, to December 25th Is this really the time for[...]
Shiny Batman Costume Sets Up Batman #99 Cliffhanger To #100
Batman #99 goes to FOC from DC Comics tomorrow night, so they would really like you to pay it some attention now The issue before the big one, and it looks like plenty of the Batfolk are back to normal – including Nightwing And even Barbara Gordon is standing strong after a couple of assaults[...]