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Stillwater #2 Review:
The series was announced as being written by Taboo of the Black Eyed Pease and Benjamin Jackendoff The cover credits both of them… but then, the inside front cover credits a "B Earl" along with Taboo rather than Jackendoff Whether this was a shift in the creative team or a last-minute change in pen name that didn't get[...]
Taboo of Black Eyed Peas Talks New Werewolf by Night Marvel Comic
The new series will pair two of the most interestingly named writers in comics, Black Eyed Peas' Taboo and Benjamin Jackendoff, for this series, which Marvel advertised saying, "The hour of the wolf is almost at hand." Hm Recently, Taboo, who famously wondered "Where is the love?" alongside and Fergie, spoke about his take on this Marvel[...]