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Lost souls
Billy Martin, AKA Poppy Z Brite, is an American author that began writing gothic horror fiction in the early 1990s and published a string of successful novels and short stories These included Lost Souls, Drawing Blood, and Exquisite Corpse He would later transition into more dark comedy Now, Martin is reportedly in a"serious situation" (as described[...]
Derek Jeter by Elias H. Debbas II /
The list of players they have retired is maybe the most special group in sports: #1 Billy Martin #2 Derek Jeter #3 Babe Ruth #4 Lou Gehrig #5 Joe Dimaggio #6 Joe Torre #7 Mickey Mantle #8 Yogi Berra, Bill Dickey #9 Roger Maris That is an impressive list, and that is just numbers 1-9 Weirdly, only 18 MLB players in history have ever worn[...]