black panther and the crew

black panther and the crew

Black Panther And The Crew #5 Review: Manifold Takes The Stage

We are given a look at how Ezra's Crusaders fell apart as the mutant Avenger Manifold arrives in Harlem to challenge the Americops. He has connections with Ezra, too, and Ezra convinced him to make a home in Harlem in between his running from place to place. Manifold is met by Black Panther, Luke Cage, […]

Black Panther And The Crew #4 Review: Hydra Are Still The Bad Guys In This One

While investigating the case of Ezra "Peoples" Keith, Misty Knight has run across Luke Cage, whose apartment complex is currently in the process of being blown up by Hydra. Naturally, Luke survives, but he can't catch the Hydra soldiers before they kill themselves. Luke and Misty then chase up the lead on the person that […]

Black Panther & The Crew #3 Review: Marvel Missteps With Cancellation

Marvel really should not have cancelled this book so soon. Giving it a pitifully low runtime of the very week the second issue came out, this book was killed essentially the second it came out of the womb. What's more baffling is that this is a spinoff book to one of their best-selling comics with […]

Nick Spencer Tweets On Trickle Down Economics For The Comics Industry

The first sales numbers for Secret Empire are in, and while the book's #0 issue did land at the top of the charts for April, it wasn't the best selling or even second best selling single issue comic book of the month. Both Batman #21 and The Flash #21, part of DC's The Button crossover, outsold […]