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Over Half Of Dark Horse's Sales Are Manga But Less Than 2% Of Titles
Such as Appleseed, Berserk, Blade Of The Immortal, Crying Freeman, Hellsing, Lone Wolf & Cub, Oh My Goddess! Neon Genesis Evangelion, Oldboy and Trigun He told the room that "This is our third year running for setting sales records at Dark Horse Manga is a very small part of our total titles published – about[...]
blade of the immortal
Upcoming Magnet-released manga-adaptation film Blade of the Immortal just got its first Red Band trailer For those wanting all that glorious blood and guts that the film is sure to produce, you can get a first look here. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Blade of the Immortal – Red Band Trailer ( Based on the manga[...]
Live Action Adaptation Of Blade Of The Immortal Is Coming To North America
Following close on the heels of its Japanese premiere back on April 29th, Takashi Miike's live-action adaptation of the classic manga Blade of the Immortal has been picked up for a North American release by Magnet Releasing Magnet is the genre division of Magnolia Pictures, and has previously released such films as 13 Assassins and[...]