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Boya Sun Sells New Graphic Novel, Patch, To First Second For 2025
Patch by Boya Sun is an upcoming graphic novel series about a child whose favorite soft toy comes to life when he mends it with magic fabric he finds in the attic of his new home Strange things start to happen, and our world and the dimension toys belong to start warping into each other[...]
First Second Buys The Greater Good OGN by Whit Taylor & Joyce Rice.
Mochikoa is a new three-book debut young reader graphic novel series written by JT Petty and drawn by Boya Sun, that has been acquired by Mark Siegel at First Second to be published in the autumn of 2023 Mochikoa tells the story of an ambitious koala-like character who tries to become a ping-pong champion. JT Perry is the writer[...]
BOOM! to Publish 'Adventure Time: BMO Bonanza' One-Shot in March
Called Adventure Time: BMO Bonanza, the comic features short stories by Cynthia Cheng, Laura Langston, Nicole Mannino, Boya Sun, Ian Moore, and Shirley Chan providing the answers you need if you "ever wondered what BMO is up to when they're not trying to keep Finn and Jake out of trouble." It wouldn't be a press release without quotes[...]