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Humanoids Publish New Incal Graphic Novels By All-Star Teams
And they should be very familiar names. Psychoverse by Mark Russell and Yanick Paquette Dying Star by Dan Watters and Jon Davis-Hunt Kill Wolfhead by Brandon Thomas and Pete Woods. The three books can be seen on the Free Comic Book Day cover below. Humanoids Publish New Incal Graphic Novels By All-Star Teams "Four decades after its publication, the world[...]
Hardware Season One #1 Review: Drastically Enjoyable
This drastically enjoyable Brandon Thomas script uses dialogue to succinctly reveal things while moving the action along and the art … spirit, the art The masters are at work here, with longtime friends Denys Cowan (a Milestone founder) and Bill Sienkiewicz (a legend in his own right) have lost none of the dynamic intricacies of[...]
Hip Hop Superstar MURS Join’s Image/Skybound’s Excellence Kickstarter
In late February, we let you know that Image/Skybound had launched a Kickstarter campaign for Brandon Thomas and Khary Randolph's hit series Excellence with the surprising opportunity to actually star in the comic. A graphic novel collection of the acclaimed series about a young Black man born into a world of magic that has defined his[...]
Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #18 Review: A Real Accomplishment
Credit: DC Comics The first of many things to like about this succinct, thrilling Brandon Thomas script is his handling of the title character Whether resolute or friendly, the idea that this is a man who grew up in Kansas trying to do right remains consistent through every unusual character interaction That clear and effective characterization[...]
Sympathy For No Devils, Kill A Man and We Live in AfterShock October
Inaki Miranda brings sci-fi future apocalypse We Live, Brandon Thomas and Lee Ferguson bring us Sympathy For No Devils and Steve Orlando, Philip Kennedy Johnson and Alec Morgan's graphic novel Kill A Man gets rescheduled for AfterShock Comics' October 2020 solicitations. WE LIVE #1 AfterShock Comics AUG201082 (W) Roy Miranda, Inaki Miranda (A/CA) Inaki Miranda The year is 2084 and[...]
REVIEW: Hardcore Reloaded #4 -- "A Recipe For High Octane Excitement"
(Image Comics, creative team: Brandon Thomas, Francis Portela, Leonardo Paciarotti, Thomas Mauer) The first thing you'll notice and likely love about this book is its crisp, detailed sense of spectacle If you liked Juan Jose Ryp, the visuals presented by Portela, Paciarotti and Mauer will likely tickle your fancy Then let's look at Brandon Thomas' action[...]
Khary Randolph and Brandon Thomas Make Magic at Image with Excellence in May
Image Comics has announced a new action/fantasy comic from Khary Randolph and Brandon Thomas, with Emilio Lopez also listed on the cover, called Excellence, touted in the press release for featuring a creative team comprised entirely of creators of color Spencer Dales is the protagonist of the series, son of a member of a secret society of[...]
Anatomy Lesson – Mr Majestic #1
Brandon Thomas writes for Bleeding Cool: "Cosmology" by Joe Casey, Brian Holguin, and Ed McGuiness The first issue of Mr Majestic is one of my favorite superhero stories of all time for a pretty simple reason…it's an actual no bullshit for real superhero comic… What I mean when I say that of course is that in the[...]
Anatomy Lessons – Action Comics #761
Brandon Thomas writes for Bleeding Cool: "For A Thousand Years…"  by Joe Kelly & German Garcia Joe Kelly is one of the most underrated comics writers of the Modern Age. Now clearly, he's certainly enjoyed a long and successful career in comics, and written almost every major character there is, but for whatever reason he's not of those[...]
Anatomy Lessons – Sensational Spider-Man Annual #1
Brandon Thomas writes for Bleeding Cool: "To Have and To Hold" by Matt Fraction & Salvador Larroca Once upon a time, I famously (well, internet famously anyway) threw a stink bomb onto the soul of fandom when I wrote a piece in defense of the largely reviled One More Day storyline that erased Spider-Man's marriage to Mary Jane. I[...]
Anatomy Lessons – All Star Superman #10
Brandon Thomas writes for Bleeding Cool For my money, All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely is the most potent, enduring portrayal of Superman that comics has ever produced. Everything anyone needs to know and understand about the character is explored in great depth somewhere in its twelve issues, and as storytellers, Morrison and Quitely produced[...]
Anatomy Lessons – The Saga of the Swamp Thing #21
Brandon Thomas writes for Bleeding Cool Welcome to Anatomy Lessons, an all-new feature series on this site that breaks down my favorite single-issue comics of all time… It could be a completely self-contained story, or appear smack in the middle of a monster storyline, but in either case it's gotta be great from cover to cover[...]