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The Stuff Of Legend Creative Team Thanks Loyal Fans And Welcomes New Readers
Old and new readers should be excited about this Free Comic Book Day title…The Stuff of Legend, from Third World Studios, written by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith, with art by Charles Paul Wilson III, is back! After a long hiatus the creative team thanked loyal fans and welcomed new readers by beginning the reprint of their original Free[...]
Madballs Returns To Comics In April With Brad McGinty And Brian Smith
Or at least since Marvel stopped doing them. A comic book based on the Madballs toys by Brad McGinty and Brian Smith I'm not being sarcastic here, the revulsion that these things have returned from the presumed dead appears to be part of Lion Forge's pitch From the April 2016 solicitations… Madballs #1 (W) Brad McGinty (A) Brian Smith[...]
So What Is Brian Smith's Deal Anyway? (UPDATE)
Rob Liefeld may have given the impression that Brian Smith was booted out of DC Comics But it was quite the opposite As he tweeted, Smith gave his two weeks' notice, and has left to pursue creator-owned comics But what gave him the confidence to do that now? Smith is the co-creator of Stuff Of Legend,[...]
As Associate Editor Brian Smith Leaves DC, Rob Liefeld Sticks The Knife In.
Brian Smith, assistant editor at DC Comics, and co-writer of Stuff Of Legend just tweeted; Last day at DC this Friday! Good times, learned a LOT (good and bad) Back to freelance and creator owned comics for me :-) — Brian Smith (@yourpalSmitty) September 26, 2012   Half an hour earlier, Rob Liefeld, who stormed out of DC in[...]