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Call Of Duty: WWII's "War Machine DLC is Getting an Event
Last week, Call Of Duty: WWII got its latest SLC in The War Machine, and like a lot of people who downloaded it, we were kind of surprised that there wasn't a formal event tied to it. Turns out, this is one coming, and we're probably getting it sooner than we expect.
Call of Duty: WWII Gets a New DLC Trailer Before Launch
Before Sledgehammer Games releases The Resistance DLC 1 for Call Of Duty: WWII, they've decided to share the full details of the pack both on their website as well as releasing a fresh trailer showing off all the new features. 
What's In The Box?!: Loot Gaming – December 2017
The last Loot Gaming box of 2017 arrived on our doorsteps a little later than normal, but it is the holidays so we can forgive them. With baited breath, we slice open the shipping tape and take a look at the goodies they had to offer us in December.
'Call Of Duty: WWII' Loot Boxes Are Only Cosmetic, According To Developer
The answer he gave was pretty cut and dry saying "all weapon variants and gear variants in Call of Duty: WW2 supply drops are cosmetic only, so there are no stat-based variants in play." This really isn't too shocking since that's the way a lot of games are going, and it would be a bit unfair to get[...]
Could The Nintendo Switch Be Getting 'Call of Duty: WW2'?
There's some evidence mounting that the Nintendo Switch could see a release of Call Of Duty: WW2 later this year, and it stems from a screenshot update from the COD website These screenshots have been making the rounds on Reddit and a couple other gaming sites this morning, showing that you can register for a[...]