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Arcade1Up Will Celebrate National Video Day With A Giveaway
Those cabinets, as you can see below, are for Mortal Kombat, Centipede, Galaga, Pac-Man, and Final Fight All five of those look amazing In fact, we have a Mortal Kombat cabinet we'll be reviewing for you tomorrow So keep an eye out for that. Credit: Arcade1Up The contest will kick off at 9am PDT/Noon EST on the[...]
The World Video Game Hall of Fame Announces the 2019 Finalists
The World Video Game Hall of Fame has announced the 12 finalists for the 2019 class of inductees today, which includes a range of classic to more modern games from Centipede to Super Smash Bros Melee All twelve finalists were chosen for their impact on the world of gaming and pop culture. The 12 finalists are: Candy Crush Centipede Colossal[...]
Arcade1Up E3 2018-1
Below you'll see cabinets that for classics like Centipede, Final Fight, Asteroids, and Rampage And if you're an arcade enthusiast, each one is broken down into pieces so you can build them yourselves Standard arcade cabinets come in a variety of prices depending on the quality, but Arcade1Up's systems are around $400, which is a[...]
Eoin Marron's Process Art from Centipede #1
Sure folks like God of War, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, but think of the staying power of Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Centipede There are so many new games coming out that as soon as one hits the shelf, it's outdated But the nostalgia for the original Atari games lives on so much,[...]
Centipede board game
While I may not have been around to experience Centipede in its heyday, I can't think of a gamer born before 1990 who didn't experience this game in an arcade at some point When you say Atari, this is one of the biggest games that comes to mind — it had a massive impact on[...]
Exclusive First Look at the Dynamite Trades Shipping in April 2018
1: The Name of the Game collects the first six issues of the hit series The Boys by Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Punisher) and drawn by Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan, Wolverine)! CENTIPEDE VOL 1: GAME OVER Trade Paperback Cover: Francesco Francavilla Writer: Max Bemis Art: Eoin Marron Format: Softcover Page Count: 136 pages Based on the classic Atari game! When a terrifying creature[...]
extended previews of Hack/Slash vs. Vampirella, Centipede #4
We have exclusive extended previews of Centipede #4 by Max Bemis and Eoin Marron as well as Hack/Slash vs Vampirella #2 by Shawn Aldridge and Rapha Lobosco. Centipede #4 writer: Max Bemis | artist: Eoin Marron | covers: Francesco Francavilla (A), Eoin Marron (B) Dale's life has been nothing even close to normal since a flying monster descended[...]
Mighty Mouse
Then we have the Mighty Mouse #3 from Sholly Fisch and Igor Lima and the classic video game turned comic Centipede#2 by Max Bemis and Eoin Marron Finally, we wrap up the previews with KISS / Vampirella #3 by Chris Sebela and Annapaola Martello. Skin & Earth #2 writer: Lights artist: Lights covers: Lights (A, B) Skin&Earth is[...]
Arcade Classic Centipede Slithers Into Comic Shops This Summer
Dynamite Entertainment continues its partnership with Atari®, to create a new comics series based on Centipede It joins the recently released Swordquest as the latest title in the retrogaming series Centipede #1 will be courtesy of writer Max Bemis (Worst X-Man Ever) and artist Eoin Marron (Sons of Anarchy: Redwood Original). Sci-Fi, horror, and action collide in[...]
IDW To Make Tabletop Games From Classic Atari Titles
Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter) and his hand-picked crew of developers will be bringing forth tabletop versions of Centipede, Asteroids and Missile Command Each game will play differently and include elements of the classic arcade releases.   "Atari is one of the hallmarks of our generation," says Jerry Bennington, VP of New Product Development "We're honored with[...]
Dynamite Tuesday: The Art Of Atari Deluxe Edition To Include 100 Games
The initial response and orders for the book were outstanding, spurring Dynamite to offer up a Deluxe Edition with some added perks. The book already offered a whopping 350+ pages of insightful history and high-resolution scanned artwork from hundreds of production/concept illustrations, photographs, video game packaging, and groundbreaking advertisements from the height of Atari's innovation and popularity. Now, for[...]