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So Who Was That Unmasked Man In Batman Inc. #4?
Recently he won the Comic Book Alliance auction for £1,127 to appear in Batman Inc #4, thanks to DC Comics and Grant Morrison Which came out on Wednesday He had the choice to attack Batman or be saved by him, and Aldrin decided to play the victim And here he is, drawn by Chris Burnham. Looks[...]
Be Saved By Grant Morrison's Batman… Or Not
Tomorrow at 7pm, the Comic Book Alliance auctions go up on eBay. And pride of place will be the appearance in Batman, Inc #4 Not only will your name be used, but your likeness will be drawn by Chris Burnham (not Yanick Paquette – consider this an art change announcement, I guess.) Grant Morrison says; The winner will have[...]
Grant Morrison To Write You, Frank Quitely To Draw You
The Comic Book Alliance, basically the UK equivalent of the CBLDF and HERO with a proactive role improving the lot of the comics, has got a huge amount of very desirable material up for auction. First on the block is a role, both name and likeness, in an upcoming issue of Batman, Inc, courtesy of Grant[...]