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Vault Partners with ComicHub to Market Money Shot, Looking for that Once & Future Magic

How Tim Seeley is Finding a New Audience for his Series at Vault Comics

How to find a new audience for comic books? It remains an elusive trophy. Movies and TV shows have helped sales of the likes of Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Hellboy and Scott Pilgrim but not much else. Free Comic Book Day now seems to speak more to existing customers. And new stories about deaths or […]

'Titans' Season 2: Chelsea T. Zhang Set as Rose Wilson aka Ravager

We're going to move past the part where we brag about our prediction being right (though please feel free to remind yourselves of just how prophet-like we can be sometimes here), and head right to the part where we let you know that Chelsea T. Zhang (Disney Channel's Andi Mack) is set to join DC […]