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NYCC '15: ComiXology Submit Offers A Self-Publishing Alternative

ComiXology Submit allows independent creators to self-publish their comics through an online application Submissions then go through an approval process After being accepted, approved comics are then transformed into the “Guided Viewing” format for easy-reader access for free Once the comic is available for sale worldwide through the website, the creator and ComiXology split the[...]

ComiXology Sponsors Artists Alley At C2E2

ComiXology Submit,  is sponsoring Artist Alley at this weekend’s C2E2 convention, and to celebrate, comiXology is giving away special limited edition posters each day of the show from April 24th through April 26th at the McCormick Center in Chicago, IL These posters feature Fabian Rangel Jr.’s comiXology Submit smash hitDoc Unknown as rendered by superstar[...]

Spotlight on ComiXology Submit – Uncaged And Moros: A Hard Boiled Hero

By Patrick McAleer There was an art-form that reached its zenith in the 1980's and early 90's before it's inexorable decline in the face of a drive for ever more realism and the curse of CGI. That art-form, the humble action movie, perpetually (and criminally) ignored by the 'Academy' and other pretentious award shows, is […]

Tales From The Four Colour Closet: Pushing #ComicsForward

So I started working on it in earnest, finding like-minded artists and collaborators, and seeing what I could do with it.But those early days, both before the release of the first issue and after, I was constantly being told by people in the industry and fellow creators at comic cons that a book that was[...]

Gail Simone Tops ComiXology Submit Sales For 2014

 ComiXology's Submit allows creators and publishers to self-publish their comics digitally with relative ease, with new titles every week. They can get a bit hidden away though, something I want to redress in 2015 a bit. But for now, here's the top-selling 25 titles for 2014… with Gail Simone, Jim Califiore, Gary Erskine, Joe Benitez, […]

Spotlight on ComiXology Submit – Boundead, Psychonaut, And Snake

There’s a lot of potential herein Snake for a memorable female character, let’s just hope she gets into a proper pair of jeans.All in all, it was a pretty solid week for the Comixology submit platform It really does pay off taking a good nose around there as no matter what kind of genre you[...]

Thor's Comic Review Column – Blastosaurus, Brandi Bare, Greye Of Scotland Yard, The Only Living Boy, Parallel Man, Charge, Memetic, The Storyteller: Witches, Edward Scissorhands, Goners

This Week’s Reviews:Blastosaurus #10Brandi Bare #4Greye of Scotland YardThe Only Living Boy #3Parallel Man: Invasion America #2Charge #1Memetic #1Jim Henson's The Storyteller:  Witches #2Edward Scissor Hands #1Goners #1Small Pressed: A Sextet from SubmitBy Graig KentBack in my youth, I had an aspiration to read all the comics[...]

100 Comics On ComiXology For $10 – Holding The Line At $0.10

100 ComiXology Submit titles, independent comics submitted by creators and small publishers to ComIXology And sold right now, 100 for $9.99.Which, yes, is less than ten cents a comic Here's the full list I've just bought mine...Cautionary Fables and Fairytales Vol 1 nemu*nemu: Out of This World Yuki vs Panda Vol 1 Widdershins #1 Nine Tenths: The Slider Holiday Funeral Rex[...]

ComiXology Submit Creators Respond To The Amazon Purchase – And Remain Optimistic

For ComiXology Submit creators, however, who market their creator-owned comics through the digital platform, their questions are more personal as they consider how this may affect readership or distribution whether positively or negatively.The Amazon purchase could lead to greater outreach to readers or could make the process of submitting comics more complicated It could mean[...]

Wondercon Full Report: What Was Said (Or Not) At ComiXology's Ask Me Anything Panel

By Michele Brittany, a West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent In the wake of Amazon's announcement to acquire comiXology, at Friday afternoon's Wondercon Anaheim panel "Comixology, Ask Me Anything," VP of Communications & Marketing for ComiXology Chip Mosher and Co-founder of ComiXology and CEO David Steinberger, braced for questions related to the acquisition. Appearing via webcam, […]

Spotlight on ComiXology Submit – Beach Girls, Clockwork Game, 4th Hanzo

Every week, there is quite a selection of new comics available that have been added to ComiXology via their creator-owned Submit platform, and here at Bleeding Cool we're taking a moment to point out some of the titles that have caught our attention this time around that you might find as wacky or as intriguing […]

Spotlight on ComiXology Submit – Chickens, Alter Ego, Aki Alliance

The artwork is crisp and handled with great attention to detail and atmosphere, all making for a visually entrancing read--here's hoping there's a #6 on the way. Aki Alliance, written and illustrated by Ryan Estrada This is another strong addition to the all-ages comics I keep finding on ComiXology Submit, reminding me that the platform allows for[...]

Getting the Nitty Gritty on ComiXology Submit at New York Comic Con

This content is very important to us and very good.Q: The name "ComiXology Submit" seems hampered on the website (to find).Q: As a not yet published writer, I appreciate the speed at which ComiXology works, but I prefer to read print and when I'm writing, I'm thinking in terms of print...and yet I don't think[...]