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ComixTribe is launching a new horror comic book title for January 2022, by familiar names Rich Douek and Joe Mulvey, all about the loss of the child in a holiday resort, the subsequent murder investigation and just when it is bringing up notes of Maddie, a supernatural menace Successfully Kickstartered earlier thid year, it will[...]
ComixTribe Also Out Of Free Comic Book Day 2016
The story was confirmed after publication by 2000AD publishers, Rebellion. Well, I have also learned that the next loss for 2015 is ComixTribe. I am told that Diamond and ComicsPro told ComixTribe that they would have to bring their cost-to-retailer price down to 20 cents or below – Diamond get 5 cents of that ComixTribe weren't able to[...]
Oxymoron Kickstarter is the Very Definition of Outside-the-Box Promotion
I recently caught wind of the Kickstarter program by Tyler James for his Oxymoron hardcover graphic novel, published by ComixTribe The project is described as… …a hideously beautiful graphic novel about a contradiction-obsessed psychopath Because everyone loves a good villain. Regarding the Kickstarter program itself… frankly, I'm stunned senseless. The Oxymoron Kickstarter is one of the most innovative,[...]