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The Big Difference Between Secret Wars And Convergence, Courtesy Of Dan DiDio
Dan DiDio gave two Convergence interviews to CBR and Newsarama, lined up to run while Marvel was announcing the details of Secret Wars Both events involving their respective multiversities being mashed up, with many blasts from the past being revived for one night only Or a couple of months, anyway. We first mentioned what would become[...]
DC Comics' Domed Convergence Worlds – Not Bottled
Everything happened. That Brainiac has a "collection of more than 40 doomed "worlds" from across 75 years of the DCU" which he pits against the other."Convergence shows you where those heroes went, what they have been up to since Brainiac bottled them and whether they will ever return from "where world's go when they die."" Oh and[...]
DC Comics Solicitations For April 2015 – With Nicola Scott Nightwing Butt Shots…
With Gail Simone talking about the Nightwing/Oracle Convergence issue. I am writing it, of course there's Nightwing ass! And now Nicola Scott talking about New Teen Titans… @NicolaScottArt it will be your legacy. — Rich Johnston (@richjohnston) January 15, 2015 "@richjohnston: @NicolaScottArt it will be your legacy."- HA! I think you may be right[...]
Collecting DC Comics' Convergence Will Cost You $365
But at what cost? The event will launch with Convergence #0, a $4.99 comic book Retailers will get extra discount if they order as many , or more, than they did of DC's bestselling Batman #31, which was estimated to have sold around 107,000 copies in North America Those who do will find the book is  fully[...]
Frankensteining All The DC Comics Convergence Issues Together
We are still waiting on details on the weekly book by Jeff King and Scott Lobdell, twisting and turning through the Convergence, but here are all of the two-part comics running in April and May in 2015, as DC Comics makes its big move west, including the new bits from Entertainment Weekly and Newsarama. We can[...]
Ten More DC Comics Convergence Titles… With Len Wein On Swamp Thing, Tim Truman On Hawkman, And Marv Wolfman On New Teen Titans
Courtesy of  IGN and The Nerdist, who DC's PR department has shone favour upon, the third lot of ten two-parter stories coming as part of DC's Convergence event And some that should prove familiar to those who have been reading Bleeding Cool's coverage over the last six months… BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS Writer: Marc Andreyko Artist: Carlos D'Anda Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb After a[...]
Plenty O'Convergence To Come Today
I understand there's a stack of Convergence details, the event Bleeding Cool first reported on back in May (while Tom DeFalco was still attached), coming through the pipe Expect news to break today, or this week, through some easy-to-please news service about more of the books being launched as "two shot" comics, to cover the move[...]
DC Shows Off A Little More Convergence….
Now here's more of the Convergence worlds from DC Comics… I'm off the pub Hopefully in this reality. Everyone seems to be showing off world made up of alternate realities today Marvel showed their Secret Wars Battleworld Now here's more of the Convergence worlds from DC Comics… I'm off the pub Hopefully in this reality. [...]
What To Wear For DC's Convergence
Well, we know Blue Beetle is coming back in Convergence And, courtesy of Futures End, that Booster Gold will no doubt be involved So why not get the T-shirts to match, courtesy of ThinkGeek? What a lovely story: Booster Gold traveled back in time His main goal was to exploit his knowledge of the future to make[...]
One Year Ago, Jamal Igle Posted A Dream About DC's Convergence
Over a year ago, comic book crator  Jamal Igle posted the following on his Facebook page. Freaky! Convergence..A DCU related dream. September 10, 2013 at 9:03pm I had a dream last night and figured out how to "Fix" the DC universe in six months.It all starts with Superman of course, the current version. We would wrap up a storyline where[...]
Ray Palmer Returns As The Atom For Two-Parter DC Comics' Convergence Event By Tom Peyer
We're expecting the announcement of DC Comics' Convergence event this week, possibly today, previously referred to as Blood Moon and previously nicknamed as Band Aid. We summarised pretty much everything we've learned so far over the weekend, along with the news that Jeff King would be writing the weekly backbone running through the event, taking over[...]
DC's Band-Aid Event? It's Not Blood Moon. It's Called Convergence
It's called Convergence and here is everything we've been able to work out so far. In April/May we will get Twenty two-shot comics, issues 1 and 2, with a weekly comic running through its spine, totalling around fifty comic books over two months. The comics are edited by Dan DiDio and ex-Marvel editor Marie Javins. The comics will[...]
DC Comics Creators Asked To Bring Their Stories To A Close Before The Band-Aid
I understand that a number of DC Comics creators are being instructed to bring their arcs, their plots, their storylines to a close before the Band-Aid, the not-Blood Moon, the possibly Convergence/War World/Joe Kalicki look-what-I-made-earlier two month event next year. Which will probably see a bunch of different alternate realities and characters fight it out for[...]