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The Gambler (CBS) TV Movie, 1980 Directed by Dick Lowry Shown from left: Kenny Rogers (as The Gambler), Bruce Boxleitner
Shout! Factory continues buying up the rights to decent chunks of our 80's and 90's television childhoods, announcing on Tuesday that the multimedia company has secured a multiyear, worldwide distribution deal for the late Grammy Award-winning Country music legend Kenny Rogers' 10 films (including the five films in "The Gambler" television film series) As part[...]
ABC's American Idol Taps Country Star Luke Bryan As Second Judge
Over the years, it even became a running joke among the contestants and judges. Here's hoping that the creative forces behind ABC's American Idol reboot are purposefully trying to recreate that level of drama this time — because with only a week left until auditions are due to start, the show has confirmed country music star Luke[...]