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'Supernatural' Review – "Damaged Goods" Ripe with Winchester Intrigue [SPOILERS]
In "Damaged Goods," we see Dean (Jensen Ackles) face another seemingly impossible situation that requires sacrifice – once again. https://youtu.be/uAED-mi1ggY   This whole episode had me on edge Billie (Lisa Berry) gave Dean the only way out of this Michael debacle We don't know what it is, but we're pretty sure it is going to suck[...]
'Supernatural' "Damaged Goods" Preview: Dean Needs Some Serious "Mom Time"
While it would be easy for fans of the CW's Supernatural to start looking ahead to the show's 300th episode "Lebanon" (we hear someone whose name rhymes with "Jeffrey Dean Morgan" was seen hanging around the set), they know there's still a lot of road left to travel – and it's "travel" that's on Dean's[...]