dan dare

Dan Dare Gets 6 Episode Audio Adventure

B7 Media has announced a new audio version of Dan Dare inspired by the original Eagle comi strips. They also announced the writers and episode titles for the series. "Space is back! After years languishing in the backwaters, suddenly the romance of space has ignited the public imagination again," say lead writers Richard Kurti and […]

Is Marvel's New Smasher, The Grand Daughter Of Dan Dare?

In this week's Avengers, we get the full background of Izzy, the new Smasher of the Imperial Guard, and member of the new, extended Avengers. We also get her full name, Isobel Dare. And the name of her grandfather. Dan. Her grandfather is Dan Dare, folks.

British Comics On The Stamps Go On Sale Tomorrow

As Bleeding Cool previously reported, the British Royal Mail are releasing ten first class stamps, each celebrating a comic book character and the comic they appeared in, from Judge Dredd to Dan Dare to Dennis The Menace to Beryl The Peril. Wherever you live, you can order the stamps in a variety of presentation formats, […]