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To Geek Or Not To Geek: LARP Volume 1 Is Available Now From Dark Horse
From Dark Horse Comics, YA author Dan Jolley (Warriors, My Boyfriend Is a Monster), writer Shawn deLoache and artist Marlin Shoop come together to deliver a coming-of-age story for nerds and jocks alike! I'm talking about LARP Volume 1. Chew artist Rob Guillory talked about the book by saying, The Geek is strong with this book[...]
Six Things About Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine Issue 1
He clearly seems to have good intentions, but just how extensive will the screening be? What are the costs? What's his angle? And how much trouble is Clev in? Well, we at least know the answer to the last question. Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine is written by Dan Jolley, with art by Leonard Kirk and Robin Riggs[...]
Swipe File: Bloodhound Quotes In 2004 And In 2013
Dan Jolley, describing his comic book Bloodhound to CBR in 2004. "Radio edit: it's like 'The X-Files' if you replace Mulder with Conan the Barbarian," Cover quote to the new Bloodhound #1, which we reported on last week. Justin Jordan was probably about 12 in 2004… I wonder where he picked up that phrase from? Feels a little similar[...]