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Grimm Fairy Tales Hits #50 Again in Zenescope's June 2021 Releases
This issue will bring the current arc to a close in Zenescope's June 2021 releases, which will also see the return of Hercules Payne once co-written by Eisner winner Chuck Brown and the conclusion of the comedy comic Man Goat & the Bunny Man from Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Dave Franchini. Grimm Fairy Tales #50[...]
Dragon Clan Leads Zenescope Entertainment's May Releases
Credit: Zenescope Belle: Sirens Dave Franchini (W) OVERSIZED ISSUE ONE-SHOT • 40 PAGES • FC • $5.99 • TEEN There's nothing like a great song to put you in a good mood, but Belle is going to be doing anything but enjoying what these creatures have to say Tune in for this can't- miss issue, packed with 32- beast hunting[...]
Full Details for Tonight’s Shroomish Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO
Each of the writers behind this wild concept also has a larger role at Zenescope, so today I talked to Ralph Tedesco (co-writer, c0-Founder, and Zenescope's VP of Film & Television), Dave Franchini (co-writer, editor on many of their other titles), and Joe Brusha (co-writer, co-Founder, President) about this upcoming comic, the state of comedy, and more. Man[...]
Robyn Hood & Tarot Card Game Lead Zenescope March 2021 Solicits
In March of 2021, Zenescope's flagship characters Robyn Hood, Van Helsing, and Belle will face off with new villains in one-shots from Joe Brusha, Dave Franchini, and more In addition to the continued comics set in Zenescope's Grimm Universe, a shared world where indie horror and superhero action collides, the Pennsylvania-based publisher will debut their crowdfunded card[...]
Epic Meal Time's Harley Morenstein: YouTube Creator Spotlight
Written by Dave Franchini who has scripted every issue of Belle so far, penciled by Raffaele Forte, inked by Sara Ianniello, colored by Juan Manuel Rodriguez, and lettered by Kurt Hathaway, this one-shot is part of Zenescope's new plan to release their series as annuals and one-off stories rather than miniseries[...]
Deadpool #7 Review:
Credit: Zenescope Grimm Fairy Tales is really coming into its own under the capable pen of Dave Franchini, who fans of other Zenescope series may know from Belle This issue brings back the long-time sometimes villain/sometimes ally Baba Yaga, who was, interestingly enough, also prominently featured in the 42nd issue of the original Grimm Fairy Tales run, which ended[...]
Zenescope to Release New Robyn Hood and Van Helsing Comics in 2021
Continuing from our conversation earlier this week with VP of Film & Television Ralph Tedesco about Zenescope's plans for virtual conventions, editor and writer of Belle and Grimm Fairy Tales Dave Franchini joined us to talk exclusively about the company's plans for new content, including a sequel to The Courier as well as new stories for their[...]
Vlad Dracul #3 Review:
After last month's Belle: Ghosts & Goblins, writer Dave Franchini is back with another one-shot continuing the adventures of the character that has essentially become the Batman of Zenescope's interconnected titles, the Grimm Universe In Belle: Hearts & Minds, Franchini crosses the title over with another Zenescope title, the horror comic Gretel, about a witch hunter who kills evil[...]
Van Helsing #50 Leads Zenescope's November 2020 Solicitations
Credit: Zenescope Belle: Dead of Winter Dave Franchini (W) ONE-SHOT • 40 PAGES • FC • $5.99 • TEEN As a winter storm descends upon Philadelphia, something, or some things, sinister arrives with it Will Belle be ready to weather what is coming her way, or will the icy grip of death add one more to its ever-growing ranks? Grimm[...]
Grimm Fairy Tales 2020 Annual Review: Modern Comics for Vintage Fans
Now, with Dave Franchini, once a salesman for the company, rising up the ranks to editor and writer, the title feels tailor-made for fans of the late 80s and early 90s offerings from DC and Marvel The Grimm Fairy Tales 2020 Annual spins out of the main series, picking up in the middle of a battle that[...]