Zenescope to Release New Robyn Hood & Van Helsing Comics in 2021

Zenescope Entertainment has big plans for their titles in 2021, including some stories that may surprise readers who believe they know what to expect from the indie comics publisher. Continuing from our conversation earlier this week with VP of Film & Television Ralph Tedesco about Zenescope's plans for virtual conventions, editor and writer of Belle and Grimm Fairy Tales Dave Franchini joined us to talk exclusively about the company's plans for new content, including a sequel to The Courier as well as new stories for their popular titles Robyn Hood and Van Helsing.

Virtual Horror Con promotional image. Credit: Zenescope Entertainment
Virtual Horror Con promotional image. Credit: Zenescope Entertainment

Theo Dwyer: For those excited for the future of Zenescope, what can readers expect in 2021 on the comics front?

Ralph Tedesco: We're doing a lot of new one-shot oversized issues in 2021. So rather than say the normal 4 or 5 issue miniseries that we do for many of our titles, we're adding in a batch of quarterlies that will contain 72 pages of story at an $8.99 price point. So it's almost like a miniature graphic novel with a full story arc for an affordable price point. Rather than purchasing four issues at $3.99 each, consumers can buy one large issue for a fraction of the price and get an entire story arc. It's just a different way for us to put out stories that are still affordable for readers. We're hoping fans see it as a new and intriguing way of consuming content. We're actually going to touch more on this during our Virtual Con in November of this year!

Dave Franchini: Basically, our plans as of right now are to release Belle, Robyn Hood, and Van Helsing as 32-page one-shot stories, six times a year every other month starting in January.

For the Quarterlies, we will be releasing these four times a year as 72-page oversized one-shot stories. We will have them for Tales of Terror, Myths & Legends, and Grimm Universe Presents. These will focus on specific characters and stand-alone stories. The first Grimm Universe Presents Quarterly: Darkwatchers will feature Gretel vs. the enigmatic darkwatchers.

The Annuals we will be releasing those every other month and will focus more realm specific like Wonderland, Neverland, Oz, and also crossover stories like a one-shot mini-event. We can't tease too much of those yet. These will also be every other month starting in February.

Then finally, we will have non-Grimm Universe 3-issue miniseries, with the first one starting in January with The Courier: Liberty and Death written by Ralph. We will run 4 of these miniseries with the new series starting the month after the previous one ended. These will be both sequels to previous Non-GU books like Courier and also new stand-alone content like Paradise Court, Black Sable, and Unbound were.

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