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Black Sands #3 cover by David Lenormand

Indie Comic Review: Black Sands (Kids 2 Kings) #3 – The Politics of a World of Gods

The Cyprus crew is suspicious of the Sumerians’ activity, and the Sumerian crew responds by summoning a leviathan host to sink the Cyprus ship.[caption id="attachment_860148" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Black Sands #3 cover by David Lenormand[/caption]In Memphis, our young heroes return home Ausar is berated for his actions in Kerma Everyone, including Ausar’s father the Pharaoh, worry[...]

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Top Independent Comics of 2017 #4: Kids 2 Kings #2

A fantasy superhero epic set in ancient Kush starring a group of princes and princesses with incredible powers Kids 2 Kings is definitely one of the independent comics to keep an eye on.Kids 2 Kings #2 by Manuel Godoy and David Lenormand, is the stronger of the two issues I was able to get my hands on thanks to my sister.[caption id="attachment_768722"[...]

Kids 2 Kings cover by David Lenormand

Kids 2 Kings #1 And #2 Review: A Gorgeous, Finely Crafted Ancient-Inspired Epic

Seth can control the sand and manipulate perception, Auset is an illusionist, and Nehbet can control the elements — though Nehbet is not yet fully in control of her powers.The battle picks up in the second issue, and we get some background on the rivalry between Ausar and Bes, including the how Ausar’s family has[...]