Top Independent Comics of 2017 #4: Kids 2 Kings #2

A fantasy superhero epic set in ancient Kush starring a group of princes and princesses with incredible powers Kids 2 Kings is definitely one of the independent comics to keep an eye on.

Kids 2 Kings #2 by Manuel Godoy and David Lenormand, is the stronger of the two issues I was able to get my hands on thanks to my sister.

Top Independent Comics of 2017 #4: Kids 2 Kings #2

Kids 2 Kings #2 cover by David Lenormand
Kids 2 Kings #2 cover by David Lenormand

Kids 2 Kings tells the story of these princes and princesses on an envoy into the land of Kush. Shortly after arriving, they decide to show off their powers to one another. This ends with Ausar and Bes entering a superpowered battle that shakes the palace they fight atop.

What makes this comic work so well is the endless energies it exhudes. The characters are eager and full of life. They have these incredible powers, and they enjoy using them. They each have distinctive personalities, and their powers can get quite creative. They also have to live in the shadow of their parents' royalty, and there is a looming threat from their predecessors, the Ancients, which seeks to take the world from them.

I chose #2 because that is where the bulk of the action between Ausar and Bes is, plus you get to see more of Ausar's relationship with his parentage.

It wears its anime and manga inspiration on its sleeve, which can be seen in Ausar's shonen-esque personality as well as David Lenormand's impressive artwork. Lenormand's coloring is also quite excellent, giving the world a vibrancy of which many comics could only dream.

This is definitely a comic you should seek out. It was funded on Kickstarter, and is worthy of your time. Unfortunately, I was not able to find where you can currently purchase it, so I'm just going link you to its Kickstarter page if you are interested in keeping track of this project's development.

This comic is fun, light-hearted, and provides wide world with many great characters, and it is definitely worthy of its place on this list.

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