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Maggie: Tough as Nails | The Walking Dead
Change is in the air all across the Walking Dead universe, but ironically one of the biggest changes includes the highly-anticipated return of a very friendly face: Lauren Cohan's Maggie With the tenth season finale of TWD ready to be unleashed this Sunday, "A Certain Doom" brings an end to "The Whisperer War"- and it[...]
Deadpool Dead In April With #250
Yup, he's dead… If you add together all the Deadpool series (creatively), April's DEADPOOL #45 marks Wade Wilson's landmark 250th issue! How will he be celebrating? DEATH! No, really Wade's about to reach the end of the line, but he's not gone yet Prepare for a colossal-sized series finale the likes of which you've never seen[...]
What, Exactly, Is Dead From Robert Kirkman's Skybound? (UPDATE)
Dead Hopefully not on arrival. Oh wait the X is for the Walking Dead's tenth anniversary panel, starting at San Diego Comic Con. What… Exactly… Is dead? Joseph K Schmidt, of Bleeding Cool has just asked the Walking Dead panel what it means Damn, I love being able to do this Remote control news[...]
Deadpool Killing As Many Dead Presidents As He Can Lay His Hands On
Well that's one healthplan option, certainly. Yes, in today's Deadpool #1 for Marvel NOW!, to celebrate last night's election, we get Wade Wilson taking down a series of superpowered dead presidents Which, yes, is quite the swipe file for Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld and Mark Millar's Youngblood Bloodsport, of which at least one issue was published… But[...]
Killing Off Boba Fett. Oh Go On, Just Do It
Their Darth Vader series did pretty well but their Origins of the Jedi knocked it out of the park, with rising eBay prices and third prints on the way. Something tells me they're about to do it again with their next series, Blood Ties – Boba Fett Is Dead. In which, as they say, Boba Fett is[...]
Simon And Alisha Won't Return In Misfits Series Four
Well, at the end of the last epiosde of Misfits, Alisha is killed by someone who is already dead As a result, Simon takes the decision to fulfill his destiny and go back in time to become Super Hoodie and save Kelly's life in the past, and dying in the attempt The episode ends with[...]
Deadpool To Die In February 2012?
It seems he was wrong. At the X-Men panel, Marvel just put up a slide with the "Dead" from the Deadpool logo and a February 2012 date. Remember, at Marvel, Dead means Deadpool. At the State Of The Industry panel earlier today, David Gabriel of Marvel joked "there's no one else we could kill" It seems he[...]