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A Very New Deathblow Is Coming To DC Comics (Spoilers)
Deathblow was created by Brandon Choi and Jim Lee for Darker Image #1 in 1993 Well, for his thirtieth anniversary he is getting a complete remake for the DC Universe Of course, this would not be for the first time Originally in the comics, Deathblow was Michael Cray, born to a US Navy Admiral who,[...]
Zealot And Deathblow Join The New DCU
As well as appearances of Voodoo, Fairchild, various Daemonites and Kherabim, and references to Team Seven in other DC comics, this week's Grifter, plotted by Liefeld, also brings us a certain Deathblow… So whose next? Grunge? Majestic? Ladytron? Will we get that Tao/Constantine crossover that's been waiting an age to happen? UPDATE: Yup, Grunge and Warblade[...]
$10,000 For Sam Kieth Drawing Jim Lee And Rob Liefeld?
Sam Kieth drawing Jim Lee's Deathblow and Rob Liefeld's Bloodwulf as well has his own Maxx in a series that predated The Maxx Sam Kieth rarely sells his own art, so this is quite the rarity, and basically the first appearance of all these characters… And it's on eBay for $10,000 Anyone fancy it? Is it worth[...]