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Toy Fair New York: Cryptozoic Dazzles With DC, Outlander, Rick and Morty, and More!
Cryptozoic Entertainment has carved a nice little niche for itself in the comics world with their DC Bombshell blind box tins, busts, and deck-building game More is always better, and they brought everything from more villain mugshot busts, what I am dubbing Calling Card busts of Batman and his rogues hands holding an item they[...]
Fumbling With My Cards In This Dungeon: We Review 'Clank!'
It was recently announced that Renegade Game Studio would be rolling out a Scott Pilgrim deck-building game, which made us all kinds of excited as fans of the comic book series and board game players But when you're a fan of a property, you're always paranoid as to how the company running the show will[...]