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Myriad Aspects To The Challenge – A Response To Whether Cosplay Is Killing Comic Con
By Bill Watters Recently, Denise Dorman wrote a thought-provoking piece on the subject of the lessening profitability of attending comic-con styled events by name artists and industry talent that appeared on Bleeding Cool as "Denise Dorman Asks – Is Cosplay Killing Comic Con?" The Bleeding Cool headline leads to the impression that she's suggesting that the[...]
The Joy Of Cosplay, The Perils Of Commerce And The Challenge Of Comic Cons
Photographer, Angel Lamke Comics editor Tea Fougner, writes for Bleeding Cool in response to Denise Dorman's article on the current challenges for those exhibiting at comic conventions. Once upon a time, I didn't get convention cosplay As an industry professional, I felt like it was missing the point: why spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to[...]
Social Media Responds To…Cosplay And Comic Con Criticism, With Denise Dorman, Erik Larsen And Chris Burnham
Nina Williams vs JayCee (Tekken) – Tajfu (/) & Neko-tin. Photographer -TarasVB Denise Dorman's comments about the recent convention experiences of she and her husband, the famed fantasy illustrator Dave Dorman, caused considerable online commentary. Reddit launched a thread with exactly that. johndesmarais No, Cosplay is not killing Comic Con – Comic Con is killing comic fandom at Comic Con (although the article actually[...]
Denise Dorman Asks – Is Cosplay Killing Comic Con?
Denise Dorman is the wife of famed comic book/sci-fi/fantasy illustrator Dave Dorman She is a regular at comic conventions, accompanying her husband And, for Bleeding Cool, she decided to lift the curtain on a conversation being had widely within the convention attending community Ms Dorman writes: Privately, famed comic book industry personalities everywhere are discussing with each[...]