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Lord of Gore #3 cover by Daniel Leister
It also looks at the nepotism inherent in it all and more on how cutthroat it all can be. The detective angle of the comic is expanded upon in this issue, as much of its run time is spent on investigating the backstory and history of the actors and production behind the titular film franchise. This does[...]
Incognegro: Renaissance #2 cover by Warren Pleece
This allows Zane to enter the whites patrons-only (the performers and dishwashers can be black) Cotton Club to interview a woman about the death of Xavier. Incognegro: Renaissance #2 cover by Warren Pleece Incognegro: Renaissance #2 continues off the critical concept-rich first installment with a more traditional noir reporter-detective narrative The idea and implication of passing is[...]
Morning Star #1 cover by Paskal Millet
There is unrest between the realms of the living and the dead, and Morning Star intends to discover its origins. Morning Star #1 cover by Paskal Millet Morning Star mixes mysticism and Western-esque detective stories to weave a low-key tale of supernatural investigators It certainly takes some notes from B.P.R.D and Hellblazer for its premise and measures[...]
Batman: Detective Comics #974 cover by Guillem March and Jason Wright
However, Azrael and Batwing take Batwoman's side. Later, Spoiler confronts Red Robin on the destructive behavior he is fostering by remaining with Batman. Batman: Detective Comics #974 cover by Guillem March and Jason Wright Detective Comics #974 delivers a cathartic aftermath issue to the events of "Fall of the Batmen." Batman, Orphan, and Red Robin lash out at[...]
Batman #38 cover by Tim Sale and Dave Stewart
Batman is called to investigate the grizzly murder of a child billionaire's parents. Needless to say, this case connects with Bruce Wayne on a very personal level. Does this make for a good read?
NBC Takes Its Turn At A 'Nancy Drew' Reboot Series
Though NBC is developing the property for broadcast, it appears CBS Television Studios will remain attached to produce. In this version, the author of the famous female teen detective book series finds herself caught up in the middle of a real-life murder mystery When the situation becomes more than she can handle, she turns to her two[...]
Tommy Castillo
And at a table full of people, Tommy became the center of attention telling story after story and making us all laugh. Career wise I can tell you that Tommy worked on a heck of a lot of titles: Batman Detective; Legends of the Dark Knight; Toetags, with Horror legend George Romero; Evil Ernie; Tales From the[...]