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Wal-Mart Allegedly Suspending Trading Card Game Sales
Source: Clay Pruitt on Facebook This particular embargo on trading card game components is an impactful one, and affects all card games including but not limited to: the Pokémon Trading Card Game Yu-Gi-Oh Magic: The Gathering Digimon Card Game The list goes on As we had written roughly a month ago, Target stores across the United States have been bottlenecking their[...]
Opinion: Card Gaming In A Post-COVID Era Is Tough To Get Back Into
This combined with the gameplay of this surprisingly-complex game from a competitive angle makes PTCGO worthwhile and keeps the Pokémon Trading Card Game current enough to survive the pandemic climate. The Digimon Card Game: Will it Survive COVID-19? Finally, we come to the Digimon Card Game,  a relative newcomer to the TCG market and Bandai's latest attempt to make a[...]
Digimon Card Game's Starter Decks: A Digi-Delight!
Bandai's newest iteration of the Digimon Card Game has finally reached stores in the United States! While the cards are in extremely short supply due to product distribution issues, we have managed to procure two starter decks (out of three) Unfortunately, we couldn't get our paws on Gaia Red, the most popular of the three decks,[...]