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Boomerang had ordered a Flintstones spinoff kids series entitled Yabba-Dabba Dinosaurs!, but production on the two-season order was haulted after the completion of only one season. Brownstone's overall deal at Warner Bros TV includes the new The Flintstones series, but the series is not connected to Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane's earlier efforts to bring the[...]
The Lost Comic Book Work Of Winsor McKay – Dino – To Be Published In November
Ulrich Merkl has unearthed a never-published strip by Littel Nemo creator and anmation innovator Winsor McCay, calld Dino. It will be reproduced from original art and published by Fantagraphics in their book Dinomania: The Lost Art of Winsor McCay, The Secret Origins of King Kong, and the Urge to Destroy New York out in November. Breathtakingly designed, each[...]