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the mandalorian
Jon Favreau's back in charge for the second season (set to return in October 2020), looks like WWE pro-wrestler Sasha Banks hasa part this season, Giancarlo Esposito (Moff Gideon) believes his Darksaber-wielding bad guy could make a turn towards the light in the near future, and that writer/director James Mangold (Logan & Ford v Ferrari)[...]
So now it's time for a little Supergirl news… Series star Melissa Benoist is set to tackle an entirely new adventure when the fifth season begins this October: directing Speaking exclusively to the fine folks at Entertainment Weekly, Benoist spoke about her interests in spreading her wings behind the camera: Supergirl — "Stand and Deliver" — Photo:[...]
NBC Announces 'Female Forward' Initiative To Foster Female Directors
Heeding the call for gender parity on both sides of the camera and coming only a day after CBS found itself in social media hot water with actress Jessica Chastain over their lack of lead female characters on their new fall programming slate, NBC has announced that it is moving forward with a new professional[...]