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Tales of Mr. Rhee Vol. 4 Cover Templesmith
Rhee is a fun horror series of graphic novels written by one Dirk Manning Mr Rhee is a pretty cool character, a magician who helps fix problems in a world already torn apart by armageddon He only works on referrals, but if you are calling on him for his services, chances are you're already boned. This[...]
Kickstarting A Mr. Rhee – Write Or Wrong #85 By Dirk Manning
By Dirk Manning (with special thanks to Victor Dandridge Jr.) Dirk Manning writes for Bleeding Cool when he's not writing comics or touring to promote them Victor Dandridge Jr prompted this particular column/interview. Yesterday we posted a Write or Wrong column in which Victor Dandridge Jr and I talked about life on the road, whether or[...]
Spotlight On Indie Comics: The 15 Best Of 2014 Edition
Rhee: "Karmaggedon" by Dirk Manning is follows paranormal trouble-shooter, Mr Rhee, as he protects five orphans in the middle of Armageddon While it makes perfect sense that Mr Rhee would be a survivor amidst the sort of catastrophe that befalls his world there is no sense in why he chooses to take responsibility for five[...]
Cthulhu Happens In Tales Of Mr. Rhee #2 From Devil's Due – Read It Here
Rhee: "Karmageddon" by Dirk Manning (writer), Seth Damoose (illustrator), Anthony D Lee (colorist), and James Reddington (letterer) in its entirety here. With Tales of Mr Rhee: "Karmageddon" Issue #3's release taking place next Wednesday, January 14th (there's only one more issue after this!), Manning decided to treat Bleeding Cool readers to the full second issue in[...]
Selling My Little Pony (Ish) At A Small Press DanCon
I wasn't worried — Dirk Manning was there on the other side of the hall, so I could have easily outnumbered him if I had to (I'm just kidding, he's a great guy, I just liked the Jets vs Sharks analogy that popped into my mind.) Things moved pretty well I was able to catch up[...]
Surviving 15 Shows in 15 Weeks (Part 4 of 3) – Write or Wrong By Dirk Manning
By Dirk Manning At the end of 2013 I decided to complete the Herculean task of setting up for 13 consecutive comic conventions, horror conventions, and/or in-store book signings in 13 consecutive weeks I was promoting my new/upcoming comics Love Stories to Die For (Image Comics/Shadowline), The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West (Big Dog Ink),[...]
Surviving 15 Shows in 15 Weeks (Part 2 of 3) – Write or Wrong By Dirk Manning
By Dirk Manning Towards the end of 2013 I had four new comics being released, including: • The Love Stories (to Die For) one-shot from Image Comics/Shadowline (previously discussed on Bleeding Cool here) • My four-issue run on The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West from Big Dog Ink (in which I got to tell the origin of[...]
Surviving 15 Shows in 15 Weeks (Part 1 of 3) – Write or Wrong By Dirk Manning
Dirk Manning writes: Towards the end of 2013, I decided to do something that would either exponentially help my writing career or kill me: I decided to conduct a "13 Shows in 13 Weeks" book-signing tour. As I've discussed in earlier installments of this column (and the book/collection Write or Wrong: A Writer's Guide to Creating Comics,[...]
To Dirk Manning, With Amber Love
By Tommy Zimmer Dirk Manning told me that cosplayer extraordinaire Amber Love's powers are strong. I guess they are since I had no idea what she actually looked like from under her costume and makeup until I saw her actual photos on Facebook He clarified why she was scaring me. "She is a Dia De Los Muertos," Manning[...]
First Published Comic Goes On Display This Saturday In Ohio
It was cancelled after just one issue making it extremely rare and only a few hundred copies are known to exist. The shops owner, Christopher Rupp, discovered the rare book when he was contacted to appraise a collection for an estate sale earlier this year. "When I first saw this book, I had to do some research[...]
Blank Sketch Variants For Writers Too – Mark Waid, Tim Seeley, Dirk Manning And More
Andrew Kimball and his friends has been taking blank variant editions of a variety of comic books and, instead of having artists draw sketches them, have been asking writers to create stories on them instead. Here are a few examples. Mark Waid Dirk Manning Rob Humphrey Tim Seeley Katie Cook Ryan Browne Andrew Kimball and his friends has been taking[...]
The Rub (2 Of 2) – Write Or Wrong by Dirk Manning
Dirk Manning writes; Before I get to the "meat" of today's column, let me get this quick little bit of business out of the way: I recently launched my first ever Kickstarter campaign to bring my formerly online-only horror-noir series Tales of Mr Rhee to print as both a standard TPB and – much more awesomely –[...]
Podcast: Pop Culture Hounding Dirk Manning
[audio:http://popculturehound.net/podpress_trac/web/2607/0/PCHPodcastEpisode57.mp3] by Chris Thompson After our last episode featuring the triumphant return of Ales Kot (which you can listen to here) and recent film podcast (which you can listen to here) we return to our regularly scheduled programming with writer/columnist Dirk Manning (Write or Wrong, Nightmare World, Tales of Mr[...]
Speculator Corner: Love Stories (To Die For) #1 And Reality Check #1
But will it work? Love Stories (To Die For) Pros: Shadowline has produced a number of "sleeper" hits over the last few years, including 27, Morning Glories, Peter Panzerfaust as well as the recent Five Weapons, recently upgraded to ongoing series status It's a 48 page flip-book containing two self-contained 22-page stories both written by Dirk Manning and each[...]
Big Dog Launches Shahrazad #1 In November
And a few titles that seem slightly familiar. Also, most of the books are written by its president Tom Hutchison, with another by Wayne Gardiner, another by Bleeding Cool contributor Dirk Manning and a new book launching, written by Tom's wife and Big Dog co-owner, Kim Hutchison. After running #0 Prologues through the summer, in November Big[...]
FOC Special: Love Stories (To Die For) #1
A 48 page flip book, it has two 22 page stories written by Dirk Manning and two different artists, Rich Bonk from Spawn: The Dark Ages and Owen Gieni from Glory, for $4.99 Or $2.50 a story. Both tales explore the intersection of love and life, death and hope, and what happens when a person is[...]
Write Or Wrong #74 – Write Angry by Dirk Manning
Dirk Manning writes; Have you ever seen the full "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" speech from the film Network? If not, or even if you have, it's worth seeing again for the sake of this column. Take a moment to go ahead and watch it and get yourself in the right[...]
Fanboy Rampage: Jennifer de Guzman Vs Dirk Manning
Dirk Manning is a writer for Newsarama and he has also written for Bleeding Cool as well as having work published by Image Comics And yesterday he shared the above meme on his Facebook page Can you guess what happened next? He added the following in comments. However, it is a pet-peeve of mine when I[...]
Tales From The Table: My First Time At San Diego by Dirk Manning
Dirk Manning is the writer/creator of NIGHTMARE WORLD, TALES OF MR RHEE and LOVE STORIES ABOUT DEATH for Image Comics/Shadowline He also contributes to Bleeding Cool with words and/or photos when the muse strikes him accordingly… Before going I get into the details of my first San Diego Comic Con, let me just say this,[...]
All Around 'Transmetropolitan: All Around The World' by Dirk Manning
Dirk Manning writes for Bleeding Cool; Back in September 2010 Bleeding Cool first broke the news of a TRANSMETROPOLITAN Tribute book for 2011…ish. With the book finished and on the verge of (a very limited) release, Project Manager Susan Augér (who donated her time as a freelance volunteer unaffiliated with the Hero Initiative and CBLDF) and book[...]