Dissidia FF NT

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is More about Fighting and Strategy than Story
With Type-o on the Dissidia slate now, it's more likely than ever that we'll see the fighter branch out.   While the handheld Dissidia games were more of an RPG with a compelling story mode, you shouldn't come to Dissidia FF NT for the the story It isn't anywhere near as cringe-worthy as the story mode of Marvel vs[...]
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
And maybe venture a guess or two of your own. We played Dissidia FF NT back during the game's closed beta and found it to be both bizarre and perfect: "It isn't Smash Bros, and it isn't Tekken. Dissidia is honestly more like, well, an RTS than a fighter Which is why it makes perfect sense that Koei Tecmo are partially responsible[...]