Dissidia FF NT

New Characters will be Coming for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT This Year

According to a recent interview, it appears that the roster for Square Enix, Koei Tecmo, and Team Ninja's Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will continue to expand. Dualshockers spoke to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT director Takeo Kujiroaka about the future of Square Enix and Koei Tecmo's fighting game. Kujiroaka had the following comment to offer for fans of the […]

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is More about Fighting and Strategy than Story

With Type-o on the Dissidia slate now, it's more likely than ever that we'll see the fighter branch out. While the handheld Dissidia games were more of an RPG with a compelling story mode, you shouldn't come to Dissidia FF NT for the the story It isn't anywhere near as cringe-worthy as the story mode of Marvel vs[...]

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

The Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Open Beta is Live Today

And maybe venture a guess or two of your own.We played Dissidia FF NT back during the game's closed beta and found it to be both bizarre and perfect: "It isn’t Smash Bros, and it isn’t Tekken. Dissidia is honestly more like, well, an RTS than a fighter Which is why it makes perfect sense that Koei Tecmo are partially responsible[...]

Square Enix Drops Hints on Possible DLC Characters for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

The developers of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT had a bit of fun teasing the six additional characters that will be coming to the game as DLC add-ons recently. Square Enix held one last live stream for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT before its Japanese release tomorrow, and the developers shared hints on the six DLC characters we'll see in its […]