The Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Open Beta is Live Today

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Starting today, fans can step into the arena as Final Fantasy legends by downloading the free Open Beta for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. The beta comes just ahead of the release of the team-based brawler, which will launch on PlayStation 4 on January 30th worldwide. The Japanese edition of the game released earlier this week.

The Open Beta will feature online and offline battles, stages from the mainline Final Fantasy titles, ferocious summons for players to call upon in battle, character customization and more. The open beta will run from today, January 12th to January 21st, with a few hours of downtime to bring in new features, with each session featuring a different selection of characters for fans to play on a rotational basis.

The Open Beta schedule is as follows:

  • From Friday, January 12th @ 6 a.m. PST to Monday, January 15th @ 1 p.m. PST
  • From Monday, January 15th @ 2 p.m. PST to Thursday, January 18th @ 1 p.m. PST
  • From Thursday, January 18th @ 2 p.m. PST to Sunday, January 21th @ 1 p.m. PST

And if you aren't quite sure how to work out the mechanics of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, you can check out the tutorial videos SE released on Youtube yesterday.

While we are getting a rotating roster of characters during the beta, we will not be getting any hints about the additional six DLC characters coming to the game, but you can check out what we know about their identities here. And maybe venture a guess or two of your own.

We played Dissidia FF NT back during the game's closed beta and found it to be both bizarre and perfect:

"It isn't Smash Bros, and it isn't TekkenDissidia is honestly more like, well, an RTS than a fighter. Which is why it makes perfect sense that Koei Tecmo are partially responsible for putting the whole thing together. Team Ninja also helped out in the development of the game, so the whole thing plays pretty darn smoothly."

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