DONTNOT Entertainment

Dontnot Releases the Latest Trailer for Life Is Strange 2

Today, Square Enix and Dontnot Entertainment released a brand new trailer for Life is Strange 2, set to be released in a few months The video shows what appears to be edited footage from a police car's dash cam as he calls in for a "1010 in progress", which is basically a fight happening in[...]


Vampyr Will Be Getting a "Hard Mode" Update Later This Summer

Dontnot Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive have had some success with Vampyr since it was released earlier this year, but they're not done updating it In a new short blog post, the company alerted fans that the next update would add two new modes to the game in the form of a Story Mode for[...]

The awesome adventures of Captain Spirit

Square Enix Reveals The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Launch Times

In case you were wondering when we'd finally see The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, Square Enix has released global launch times. The prequel to Life Is Strange 2 will be coming out between June 25th-26th, depending on where you are in the world. The company released a graphics, which we have for you below, showing […]