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Nancy Drew Season 2 E13 Preview: Ghosts Really Shouldn't Be Bleeding
Welcome back to our weekly second-season-long preview of The CW's Nancy Drew– with "The Beacon of Moonstone Island" bringing yet another wave of personal and supernatural problems for the "Drew Crew" to deal with Nancy (Kennedy McMann), Ace (Alex Saxon), and Amanda (Aadila Dosani) travel to Moonstone Island to investigate a lead- and hopefully, figure[...]
Nancy Drew S02E09 Preview: Drew Crew, Gil Bobbsey Strike a Deal
If it's Wednesday then it's time for the next episode of The CW's Kennedy McMann-starring Nancy Drew– which means it's also time for us to offer a set of preview images, an episode overview, and a promo for"The Bargain of the Blood Shroud." When you consider that Nancy (McMann) and the "Drew Crew" are now[...]
Nancy Drew S02E08 Preview: Nancy Busts George-Squatting Ghost & More
With only seven episodes to go until the "Drew-niverse" gets to meet Tian Richards' Tom Swift for a potential spinoff episode (we're really looking forward to that), Nancy (Kennedy McMann) and the "Drew Crew" are still up to their elbows in the fallout from their battle with the Aglaeca- especially George (Leah Lewis), who would really like[...]
Nancy Drew S02E07 Preview: Drew Crew Checks In to Check Out Mystery
This time around, Nancy (Kennedy McMann) and the "Drew Crew" are being asked to apply their adept skills at getting to the bottom of some really strange stuff to find a female volleyball player who's gone missing So here's… what's that? Oh, sorry- forgot to mention that the missing young woman's friends believe she was[...]
Nancy Drew Season 2 E05 Preview: The Drew Crew's Not on the Same Page
It's not like we don't understand how curses go, but at this point? You have to give Nancy (Kennedy McMann) and the "Drew Crew" some serious credit because they've spent the past four episodes doing everything they can to avoid their fate by doing right by the Aglaeca But as we saw last week, the Aglaeca[...]