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But with The Movement heading to cancellation in April, where else in the New 52 will we find out Occupy commentary? Well, how about Earth 2, with a very naughty Superman? I think we get an idea of writer Tom Taylor's politics there, don't you? Evil Empire #1 finally gives us something that news networks can't cut[...]
Joining The Dots On The Third DC Comics Weekly
So, yesterday at the ComicsPRO retailer event in Atlanta, Georgia, DC Comics announced their third weekly title, but wouldn't say what it was. Well we have the Batman Eternal weekly, we have the Five Years Later/Future's End Weekly… A month ago, we ran the rumour that DC were prepping an Earth 2 Weekly. We have also previously run[...]
Swatchmen: Racebending Connor Hawke For Earth 2 (UPDATE x2)
Last week we noted how Earth 2 Annual #2 changed the name of the bad guy from Francesco Francavilla, the same name as the comics artist, to that of Falcone. In this weeks Earth 2 #20 , we meet the character Red Arrow who James Robinson said would be named Roy McQueen. Instead he was revealed as being[...]
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And I've played it at Ben Cliff's fifth birthday party, so that's saying something! And with Loki already sounding like Kieron Gillen Loki, could sudden musical references be spreading? We had The Cure from Jonathan Hickman in last week's Avengers, now check out Tom Taylor in Earth 2. With the new Secret Avengers looking like it is[...]
Now Earth 2 Gets A Weekly
Next week's Bleeding Cool Magazine has a lot to say about weekly comics, with DC launching both a Batman Eternal weekly comic as well as the Five Years Later-set Future's End weekly comic. But they are not alone. We knew that we were getting a new Earth 2 title to accompany the current monthly Well, we're now[...]
Francesco Francavilla, No Longer The Big Bad Of Earth 2
This is from the printed version of Earth 2 Annual #2, published yesterday. And this is from the digital version, though I understand it has now been amended to match the print version… At one point, it appears that a certain character was named after artist Francesco Francavilla, but then amended to Falcone. Shame, Frankie would[...]
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Who is there to hear the witty repartee? Super Dinosaur can be super annoying, talking when you're trying to, I don't know, play Candy Crush or something. And, from Earth 2 Annual #1, some people just shouldn't say anything at all But there seems to be a spate of people not saying things right now. Batman And Robin[...]
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As subterfuge? To present a human face to mass destruction? Ego? Or maybe just so Superman won't just keep going through you? Oh Lois, what are you, a sitcom character? That's the kind of mishap you'd expect from Friends rather than an award winning journalist-turned superpowered freak of nature on Earth 2… Talking of sitcoms… Doc[...]
Before Five Years Later… A DC Earth War?
And just as that led to the battle between Earth 3 and the New 52, so Summer 2014 will see the war extend to… Earth 2. And… the New 52 Earth? Another Earth? How many Earths can go into battle with each other? Did someone mention Earth Prime even? Five Years Later kicks off in September[...]
Could That Be… Aquawoman Joining The JSA In Earth Two?
Okay, we're going to take a punt here. From the new February DC solicitations; EARTH 2 #20 Written by TOM TAYLOR Art by BARRY KITSON Cover by JAE LEE 1:25 Steampunk variant cover by DAN PANOSIAN On sale FEBRUARY 5 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers Please see the order form for[...]
DC Collectibles: More Toys Than Can Fit In Santa's Sack
These figures looked pretty nice, and they will have more articulation then we are used to seeing from DC Collectibles, which is a nice surprise. The big reveal during this part of the panel was the Earth 2 figures They showed off Wonder Woman, Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, and a nice looking Earth 2 Batman These[...]
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Ha, you are planetless. Steppenwolf also seems to be doing a little planet-threatening in Earth 2, but more in a subjugation fashion And he's doing rather well it seems It's a different story in Mighty Avengers. There's a bit like this in Civil War Also in Secret Invasion I think And the Avengers movie But the[...]