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4 Things About Liberator: Salvation of Innocents Issue 1
Now, the sequel, Salvation of Innocents, has kicked off, accompanied by an album due shortly from Earth Crisis Here are the four things I really liked about issue 1. 1.     Ticking Boxes Javier Sanchez Aranda has a sense for little tics of motion and posture that really help his character work I love that the supervisor isn't[...]
Earth Crisis And Liberator Collaborate For An Album And Comic Book, Salvation Of The Innocents, And New Liberator Stories From An All-Star Team
Earth Crisis is a New York metalcore punk band popular in the nineties, who reformed relatively recently Keen supporters of animal rights, they are straight edge, vegan and politically active. Which is why they are crossing over with Black Mask's animal activist comic, Liberator, in a new series launching in March, Liberator/Earth Crisis: Salvation Of The[...]