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Hobonichi Mother Project Main Logo Square
For those of you who may not be familiar with Itoi, he is the series creator behind the Mother series, also known as Earthbound in the west While he may not be working to create a Mother 4, it appears he's started a new project related to the series as a way to sort of[...]
The Weirdest Things in Games That Heal Your Ails
What's the connection between brute force and miniaturization? No clue. Cup of Life Noodles Cures: All status ailments, fallen party members, full health restoration Appearance: Earthbound, Mother 3 Did you fall in battle or find yourself otherwise incapacitated in some manner? Need a pick-me-up? Even if you can't move your mouth since you've found yourself without a pulse, slurp[...]
Unintentionally Scary Games Perfect for Halloween - Part 1
But what of the games out there that seem completely innocent at first, but devolve into something more sinister? From the grinning Moon of Majora's Mask to the final showdown of Earthbound, these seemingly benign titles are positively riddled with nightmare fuel and at times, scarier than their intentionally spine-tingling counterparts These are eight unintentionally[...]
Someone Has Released Previously Unseen Earthound 64 Footage
Oh, Earthbound 64! One of the greatest "what if" stories of '90s video gaming as Nintendo supposedly dropped the ball on a potential hit If you're not familiar with the story, Earthbound 64 was pitched by Mother series creator Shigesato Itoi as a sort of one-off game for the Nintendo 64, using the same familiar[...]
Mother Soundtrack Vinyl pink
Fans of the Earthbound/Mother games are about to get an awesome treat as the soundtracks are getting a second pressing on vinyl The label Ship To Shore Phono Co made a new post on their Twitter account last week letting fans know that Mother and Mother 2 had just received repressings in a limited quantity[...]
Love 'Earthbound' and 'Undertale'? 'Knuckle Sandwich' May Be Your Next Game
I'm an Earthbound guy, and when Undertale came out I felt right at home in the story and the gameplay Those type of RPG's are a rare find these days when everyone is trying to outdo each other int he graphics department and keep forgetting that a single cohesive story can do wonders Enter Andrew Brophy,[...]
Lucas Coming To Super Smash Brothers Next Week
Well, how about a new character to learn? As previously announced, EarthBound's Lucas is going to be joining the fight, but now we know that will come to pass on Sunday 14th June Nintendo announced you can pick up the character for $3.99 for the Wii U and 3DS version or $4.99 for both.  I'll already[...]
The SML Podcast – Talking Bethesda, Netflix's Zelda, And More
By Joe Cammisa   [audio:] Monday night is here and it's time for The SML Podcast Episode 105: You Are Now EarthBound, here on Bleeding Cool! This week on the show we dial it down a notch after so many weeks of guests Just the hosts talking about games and game news! We talk about the news that Bethesda will[...]