You Can Now Purchase A Pricey Earthbound Wristwatch

A special G-Shock wristwatch has been made for the Mother series, also known as Earthbound in the west, but it's kind of expensive. Yes, that's correct, you can't get any of the Mother titles or Earthbound on Nintendo Switch Online, but you can purchase a watch dedicated to the game. It sounds really weird, but this old-school watch that looks like it was plucked out of 1996 will be sold through The look is a replica of the GW-M5610U model, and aside from a couple of small logo additions on the face, a special plate on the back, and a case to display it in… this is a standard watch with nothing else going for it.

Celebrate Mother and Earthbound, sorta, with... a watch? Courtesy of
Celebrate Mother and Earthbound, sorta, with… a watch? Courtesy of

What's super weird about this is that at no point in time does Ness or any other character in the series do anything significant with a watch. If they were selling baseball bats or a yoyo, maybe even a frying pan or a katana, or a toy raygun… we could buy into this. Selling a wristwatch makes zero sense and feels like a weird collectible. What's more, they're selling it for ¥23,100, which comes out to just over $200, so it's an expensive collectible. And to top it all off, it's not being sold conventionally, it's being done through a lottery. So only those who truly want it will get a chance at random. (As a side note, I'm a longtime fan of Earthbound, and even I'm looking at this thing wondering who this is meant for.) You can read more about it below and check out the quirky trailer for it, too.

The design adopts a memorable first model ( commonly known as a speed model), a square face that can be said to be the origin of G-Shock. As the function of the module, it is equipped with "Multiband 6" that receives standard radio waves of 6 stations in the world and automatically corrects the time, and "Tough Solar" that converts not only sunlight but also light such as fluorescent lamps into power. Simply put, the GW-M5610U is a very good G-Shock that eliminates the hassle of battery replacement and time adjustment. And of course it's very tough. Strong against impact and water resistant to 20 bar. It is a product that can be used for a long time.

The G-Shock, a bespoke model of Mother to be released this time, has the Mother logo and SMAAAASH!! dot characters printed on the dial while retaining the excellent functions of GW-M5610U . The coloring uses the same gold and blue as the original logo. And the back cover is engraved with the earth mark that is always used for the Mother series logo . It is a mark used as a symbol in the Hobonichi Mother project.

When it comes to bespoke G-Shock, there are often some silhouettes in the backlight, but the Mother bespoke model does not have that specification. This is because the backlight gimmick cannot be incorporated when the tough solar function is adopted. The can case that stores the G-Shock is a special specification of red, which is the symbol color of Mother. The Mother logo is printed on the top lid. The G-Shock is a bespoke model of Mother that incorporates the elements of Mother while retaining the goodness of G-Shock, which is loved by many fans . It's a great item for those who use it for a long time, those who want to keep it carefully, Mother fans, and G-Shock fans.

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