Awesome Mix Vol 2 Includes ELO, Fleetwood Mac, George Harrison… And David Hasselhoff

The list shown below includes: Sweet, Fleetwood Mac, Silver, Cat Stevens, Parliament, ELO, George Harrison, Glen Campbell and what might be the biggest surprise.. The Sheepers with David Hasselhoff.Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 premieres May 5th.When Guardians of the Galaxy hit in 2014, a classic rock soundtrack, Awesome Mix Vol 1, was released[...]

Wolves Of Summer – The Secret Ingredient Is… ELO?

Just as there are more pleasures to be had in comics aside from the latest spandex punch-ups, if all you know of ELO is the high-pitched battle cry of ‘Brrrruuuuuce’, or the sugary, roller rink-tethered nightmare of Xanadu, do yourself a favor and dig deeper Like with comics, the deeper you go, the more rewarding[...]