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TOLDJA: Chip Zdarsky's Justice League; The LAst Ride
And it would be set on the Elseworld planet as seen in Death Metal. One month later, DC Comics dropped the news about Justice League: Last Ride, a new Digital First limited series from DC by Chip Zdarsky, Miguel Mendonça, and colourist Enrica Eren Angiolini as they "attempt to fix a broken Justice League in time to[...]
What Is... Earth Omega? (Future State Justice League Spoilers)
One is Elseworld Whatever that means And the other? Bleeding Cool understands that will be called Earth Omega and we will learn more in Infinite Frontier #0 – also written by Josh Williamson And of course in the DC Universe, omega can mean just one thing And a place of punishment or containment may well[...]
Death Metal #7 Omniverse
And finally, that it may be the first DC Comics story to come out of what Death Metal #7 defined as The Elseworld A second central point of focus alongside the DC Prime Earth in the DC Omniverse of the DC Infinite Frontier Yes, I know. Credit: Yanick Paquette, Justice League So what is The Elseworld? A[...]
Death Metal #7 Omniverse
It's not an Earth 616 like Marvel's used to be, but there is more.   Credit:Yanick Paquette,  Death Metal #7, DC Comics Death Metal #7 introduces The Elseworld to the DC Universe Named after the line of alternative "what if" worlds, a number of which had been designated to the 52-world Multiverse, this suggests it may be something[...]
Elseworld Releases New Playable Character, Laby
KOG Games released a new playable character for their 2.5 D action MMORPG Elseworld called Laby She's a brawler-style fighter who uses a mirror to augment her hand-to-hand combat She's officially gone live in-game, with a brand new event to celebrate her release. Her official character description reads: Laby, short for Nisha Labyrinth, is a dynamic and explosive,[...]