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Review: Malifaux's "Dark Reflections" Boxed Set By Wyrd Miniatures
Hello there, Wyrdos and other enthusiasts involved in the hobbyist and/or gaming aspects of Wyrd Miniatures' objective-based wargame, Malifaux! We got ahold of a copy of the Third Edition boxed set for "Dark Reflections", a box containing five models for the Explorer's Society faction's Umbra keyword, led by the ineffable English Ivan You may recall[...]
Malifaux's English Ivan Core Box, by Wyrd Miniatures: A Review
This is why, when we got ahold of the core box of leader English Ivan, a shadowy enigma of a person, we were thrilled to put in some words about the shadow-slinging gentleman. The unassuming, yet spooky, core box of English Ivan Part of the Explorer's Society of Malifaux, by Wyrd Games. According to the lore written[...]